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I'm an electronic engineer working in the fields of digital signal processing and high speed digital design. Every engineer tends to keep a notebook where they collect useful bits of information. This is my notebook. I hope you will find it useful too.

This site now has a proper URL. http://eenotebook.co.uk/

Mike Wells


Frequency band definitions e.g. where is SHF, X band, J band. What frequencies are GPS

Hard Sums

Laplace, Fourier and z transforms, trig, calculus etc.

Constants and Conversions

e.g. Boltzmann's constant, imperial conversions, resistivities, heat capacities and conductivities

Floating Point Processors

How the performance of floating point DSP processors has advanced over the years. Gives technology, peak MFLOPS and FFT benchmarks


How the GPS satellite navigation system works

High speed digital design

Impedance formulas for different transmission lines, logic family characteristics (slew rates, metastability characteristics), resistor colour codes etc.

HF Propagation

Ionosphere, D E and F Layers, Sporadic E, Modes of propagation, Solar flares, Ionospheric storms, Polarisation (ordinary and extraordinary modes) etc. plus some examples


System design and DSP odds and ends: noise level calculations, A/D noise, Propagation in free space, Radar equation


ASCII table, Common UNIX and VI commands, printf format, etc.

It's still early days for this site. If you have any suggestions about what I can add as I improve it you can email me at:

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